About us

DLARS is a fashion business that was initiated to bring a unique style to the Middle East generally and to Saudi Arabia specifically. DLARS is an exclusive provider of selected international brands in the Middle East region. This is taken more as a responsibility to the board members of DLARS than a privilege.

We also have a store available if you would like to visit us. There you will find our staff members who can guide you in the type of fashion you desire. Find out more here

At DLARS we believe that fashion is important for the youth, so we focused our aim to suit a wide range in the Middle East. This can be clearly seen from our carefully selected variety and quality brands based on taste rather than profit alone. Class in dress code is also vital for a complete look, so we hope that our shoppers would appreciate the styles available and the touch of class in our casual clothing. All of this has been brought to you at your convenience, as all you would have to do is press a button and wait for delivery!

Enjoy shopping at DLARS and be assured that the best is yet to come!